Educate Empower Equip for Children

NTG makes reading a fun experience for children- We connect your child to our 2 cartoon characters named Mimi and Fifi. Children join the Mimi and Fifi dictionary challenge which helps them enhance and expand their vocabulary skills on a monthly basis.
To know more about the Mimi and Fifi dictionary challenge join our group on 079 801 8617 or follow our    channel.


Educate Empower Equip for Schools

Touch the Educator – NTG offers Phonics enrichment workshops for Grade R-3 educators. Educators need to gain accurate phonics knowledge and skills to help their learners develop strong reading foundation.
Touch the SMT- NTG offers Curriculum Coaching Sessions for language and reading results.NTG creates a circuit based platform for school management teams to receive coaching mentoring ro improve their overall literacy goals
Touch the learners - NTG offers classroom intervention strategies for language and grammar improvement in the higher primary/intermediate phase level.
Touch your SGB - NTG specializes in facilitating parental involvement to enhance the school’s literacy goals. Research shows that Parental involvement is key to the overall academic performance of learners.

Educate-Empower-Equip For Parents

Creating Jobs through digital literacy NTG creates jobs by raising Parent Learner Support Programs in rural and township schools.
The program empowers unemployed Parents to gain knowledge and understanding on how to use digital technological to help them nurture the interest and culture of reading in young children.
NTG equips Parents with resources ( digital kits) to help them generate income for themselves as they keep children engaged in reading activities both at school and at home

To know more about our Parent Learners support Program drop your details on our

Educate - Empower - Equip - My Community

Community Engagement

NTG Engages learners and parents through community radio platforms where learners are encouraged to participate on our fun filled edutainment programs.

The program also utilizes the radio platform to educate parents on practical ways of improving literacy opportunities at home.
NTG partners with local community radio stations to make this happen.