Special Activities



Ntalo Touch’s curriculum includes hundreds of highly entertaining animated activities, each teaching a specific learning topic. From Prospector Mimi discovering a new letter combinations to Fifi Grammar explaining proper nouns to his villagers, these animated videos engage children while they learn..


With more than 450 traditional and original stories and nonfiction books, Ntalo Touch’s library opens a door to worlds of knowledge, adventure, and fun for children. Every topic of our curriculum — whether it is the sound of a letter, counting 1–100, the four seasons in the year, or regions of the South Africa —is explained in child-friendly language in one of our library books.


Ntalo Touch features hundreds of fun and interactive games, each designed toteach a specific educational concept.Your child can play games to learn the alphabet, to learn new words, to learn about numbers and shapes, and even to learn about the planets! Since all of the games on the site include voiced instructions, they are easy for even young children to learn and play..


Ntalo Touch’s music collection features original songs about every letterof the alphabet and many other topics ofour curriculum, as well as newly produced and recorded children’s classics. The variety of music on our site not only reinforces the other subjects but also introduces children to a range of musical styles and themes. Your child will love to sing along!..


Find hundreds of jigsaw and cutout puzzles designed to help develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Puzzles also help children remember important ideas and skills in reading, math, science, art, social studies, and music. There are puzzles for every letter of the alphabet, sight words, stories,numbers, shapes, animals, the base-ten number system, elements of fiction stories, and many, many other topics.


With many different types of art activities—including coloring pages, dot-to-dots, paint-by-numbers, traceables, and printables—Ntalo Touch helps children learn reading, math, and other subjects while they are expressing themselves artistically

The Reading Is Fun Curriculum

Ntalo Touch’s reading curriculum spans the entire range of early reading, from learning the names of each letter and the sounds they represent to being able to read books, starting with a few words on a page and gradually advancing to paragraphs.

Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition


Dictionary Skills & Digital Reading Library.


Parts of speech & Listening and Speaking


Sentence structure & Vocabulary Development.


Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition




Rhyming words and word families


More than 450 books and beginning readers .